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Formed: 1990

Formed 34 years ago

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Martin Axenrot, Johan De Farfalla, Peter Lindgren, Martin Lopez, Martin Mendez, Anders Nordin, Joakim Svalberg, Waltteri Väyrynen, Per Wiberg, Mikael Åkerfeldt, Fredrik Åkesson
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Opeth - Orchid
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Date released: 1995-05-15
Type: studio

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Year (1995):
Decade (1990's):



Band members

1Johan De Farfalla
bass, backing vocals
1Anders Nordin
drums, percussion, piano (3)
1Mikael Åkerfeldt (21)
lead vocals, guitars




In the Mist She Was Standing
Seven milestones...
Under a whatching autumn eye
Contorted trees are spreding forth
The message of the wind

With frozen hands I rode with the stars
With anger the wind blew
Giving wings to my stallion
Clouds gathered across the moon

Blazing, the white light
Passing the lake I know so well
I am near, yet so far away

I saw her shadow (standing) in the darkness
Awaiting me like the night
Awaits the day

Standing silent smiling at my presence
A black candle holds the only light
Darkness encloses
And the candle seem to expire

In her cold, cold hand
And as a forlorn soul will fade away
Touching her flesh in this night
My blood froze forever

Embraced before the dawn
A kiss brought total eclipse
And she spoke
Once and forever

I am so cold
In mist enrobed the twilight
She was standing...
Under the Weeping Moon
Once again I've cried
Unto the moon
That burning flame
That has guided me

Through all these years
The lake from which you flow
With eyes of fire
Once unlit but now alive

This energy, sparkling
Like a morning star
The morning star
Riding the fires of

The northern gold
I've searched the eye
I laugh under the weeping moon
I am the watcher in the skies

Nor the emeralds know my mark
Glisten to mark their presence
Set the enigma ablaze
Searching... Finding...

Burn the winter landmarks
That said I was there
Burn the spirit of cold
That travel through my soul
Forest of October
The memories that now rests in this forest
Forever shadowing the sunrise of my heart
Wings leave their nest at my coming
Swaying away unto the cold glowing sky
Dreaming away for a while
My spirit sighs in peace
Gazing unto the stars
Please, take me there

I am so alone, so cold
My heart is to scarred to glow
I wish the sunrise to come
Take my soul (away)
From this cold, lonely shell
I am free

From the eternal sea I rose
Veiled in darkness on either shore
Lost my pride, lost its glow
For me the sun rose no more

The forest of October
Sleeps silent when I depart
The web of time
Hides my last trace

My blaze travel the last universe
Like the sights of magic
Wrapped in aeons
My mind is one with my soul
I fall alone
While leaves fall from the weeping trees
The Twilight Is My Robe
Unto you I whisper
The wildest dreams

In the coldness of night

Shrouded in crystals
Through a frosty dusk
Souls of the fullmoon awaits
Their shadows ablaze

We are all bending
Our tired leaves over your empty shell
In the sign of true esteem
Are you beloved lord
Sighing deep under these waterfalls?

The birds of the sun
Seperates these dark clouds
While the winds of winter sleeps gently around
I am sworn to the oath
To breathe...

At the waters I dwell
The waves are still whispering
Ancient lullabies
I die...
While our mystic brothers still seek

Under your command I will obey
In my vision
You are the embodiment of pure freedom
But through my eyes you are made of stone
The Apostle in Triumph
In solitude I wander...
Through the vast enchanted forest
The surrounding skies are one
Torn apart by the phenomenon of lightning
Rain is pouring down my (now) shivering shoulders
In the rain my tears are forever lost

The darkened oaks are my only shelter
Red leaves are blown by the wind
An ebony raven now catches my eye
Sitting in calmness
Before spreading his black wings
Reaching for the skies

In this forest
Where wolves cry their agony unto the moon
My spirit is hidden
In the form of wisdom
carved on a black stone
The only way to follow

Open your soul
Redeem, I am immortal

Blinded by a light
My soul is held up in glory
I engulf the skies
The apostle in triumph

Through the eternal flame I travel
As the rain keeps falling...