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Formed: 1990

Formed 32 years ago

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Martin Axenrot, Johan DeFarfalla, Peter Lindgren, Martin Lopez, Martin Mendez, Anders Nordin, Joakim Svalberg, Per Wiberg, Mikael Åkerfeldt, Fredrik Åkesson


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Opeth - Heritage
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Release date: 2011-09-20
Type: studio

In collection: CD (2017-10-12)
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Year (2011):
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This is the album where Opeth let their mostly short interludes, which on previous albums were used as surprising breaks meant to balance out the songs' death metal parts, become the main focus. On paper that might not be such a bad idea and the musical ideas are mostly good enough to back that up, but there is a very big problem: too much time is spent just waiting for something to happen, which it never does. The album works well in the background though. There's something I never thought I'd say about an Opeth album...

Furthermore, the album sounds like a rehash of an album Opeth would have recorded had the band been around circa 1976.
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The Devil's Orchard
This trail is obsidian,
The grip of winter uncoiled
A lover would follow me
Cast down and sworn to the dark

Take the road where devils speak
"God is dead"
"God is dead"

The wealth of darkness
Inside you telling you "now"
Your senses corrupted
Controlling a poisonous will

Take the road where devils speak
"God is dead"
"God is dead"

In the corner of my eye
Tearing flesh from bone

Led the blind in search to find
A pathway to the sun
Saw the signs intertwine
And forgave me all my sins

No stigmas revealing our vices
And there are no stigmas revealing our vices

God is dead
I Feel the Dark
I feel the dark when I see you
I feel the dark when I see you

Loosen the harness of trust
Survey an impulse of lust
The thespian is far away
Uprooted yet forced to stay

Sing a lie, ghost of the night
Give yourself to me
The road is long and winding still
And these bonds will start to fray
But another day

A flaking wish inside

Veiled comes the daylight through the glass
In the never-ending rain
This is no friend of mine
Stalking the comfort within

A flaking wish inside
The mother of lies

And you're going out to war
When the beast is coming home
And the sun is seen no more
For the devil's love you bore

I feel the dark when I see you
Summer's gone and love has withered
I believe in nothing yet nothing is what it seems
All is gone and promises slithered
You gave me nothing yet nothing is what it seems

Summer is gone

Your eyes gave away all your lies in the end
The dawning of a seething design
Kept a secret from the light
And felt the weight on my shoulders increase

A bleeding heart led my desperation
Like a bird on a wire
A broken promise of dedication
Never ever again
Hope would fail me in the falling snow
And slake a wish inside

Friends would leave me in my darkest hour
Yet trust me with their lives

She would haunt my dreams and feed my demons
They tell me to go
A lifeline in a drop of blood
A dying wish to shun a God
Sought a dream inside the light
Finally relieved from plight

O this night is deceiving
One eternal winter
Earth below and reeling
Moon is riding high

Father and a liar
One forgotten season
Secrets in the mire
Moon is riding high


A name inside a memory
Waiting for you
When words can't win her
There is nothing to do

Save your children
Drenched in poverty
Tracks in the snow
Leading them to woe
I can't see your face
And I can't breathe your air
So I wonder why I get cold inside
When I hear your name

When we meet eye to eye
I will ask how and why
And when guilt has its way
One lesser reason to stay
And I will see her cry

Into the fire of our youth comes the devil again
And you feel your way, feel your way

Saw you standing nigh
In the corner
Told me that you had died
And I would die when my heart was empty
Become a ghost in perpetual void
And neglect all reasons why
The Lines in My Hand
We are dying in the wake of gods and decrees remain arcane
And everything around us is a consequence of pain

The writings on the wall depict a truth that no one reads
A government of puppets blinded by another creed

Burning voice of insanity
Nothing is the same
Barren lands for the idle man
Find all the lines in your hand

Blinding storms are surrounding us
Take control
In our cups, poisoned wine
Find all the lines in your hands
Hey you, will you be true
When you can see through what I do
Feel the pain in your brain, insane
Will I see my name in your scars

And you will see what you mean to me

Lust between the lines
Do you feel the need
When the night comes down
And when the night comes down
A father is waiting

And you will see what you mean to me

Lost control and called your name
Left a home in the pouring rain
In a sea of guilt and shame
Will we sustain
Marrow of the Earth
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